Okay internet, let’s try something cool.

There are so many amazing women out there producing, and even just learning how to produce, but for some reason, no one can really name anyone doing it, except a few of the absolute veterans of engineering (Sylvia Robinson, Susan Rogers, Linda Perry etc.) or, if you lurk in the electronic world enough: Nina Las Vegas, Grimes, Wondagurl, Chloe Martini, Imogen Heap, Shura, Maribelle, HANA, Bosco, Bonzai, Abra, Bjork, M.I.A, Cooly G, Syd, Kittens, Mothica, Madi,  Zyra (lol), Nervo, and so on…

There are so many I haven’t mentioned tbh.

I have a contact link at the top of this site. Take the form below, fill it out how you would like to be presented, with pictures, links – whatever you are about. Use your voice exactly the way you would like it to be heard.

If you send that through the contact link, I will listen and reply, and add a post to a ‘female producers’ category I have just coded into this site.

I want to make a database, so that people start to realise how many decent female producers there are out there.




What track(s) got you into music production?:

What DAW(s) do you use?:

Favourite plug-in(s):

Favourite male producers (and why)?:

Favourite female producers (and why)?:

Tell me about a track you’ve made that you love:

Tracks you’re crushing on right now?:

Favourite label?:

A fun fact about yourself:

Where can we stalk you?:

What else do we have to look forward to?:


Alexandra Cheatle

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