Kickslove is a store in Deptford Market square that has the best selection of shoes for female sneakerheads I’ve ever seen (the OMC x LCS R Flow Velvet collaboration is insane), but I also found two cute streetwear pieces that I wear out and about all the time.

The first is this amazing Kangol beret. It’s fluffy and looks like something LL Cool J would wear which I love. It’s a really quick fix if you aren’t feeling great about your hair. I’m wearing in the pictures below (by @madbadting for @tresrache). It comes in a cute pink too, which I’ve been meaning to buy.


The second thing I wear a lot is this amazing blue Umbro top. I love how aggressive the patterning is – I ended up at a Chanel event wearing it a few weeks ago, which is possibly a faux pas, but I was very comfortable. Lol.


They also have the best shop dog ever, who is called Rocky. Here is his Instagram, in case you don’t believe me:




Alexandra Cheatle

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